About Me

zeonzeoff is a dumb dad joke that is going to be made even worse because I’m going to explain it. Ze(ON) and Ze(OFF), get it? on? off? okay. I’ll stop now.

I grew up in the Tenderloin of San Francisco to hard-working parents that dreamed of owning a home in the city. While they eventually saved enough to make that happen, my childhood character development was fueled by the creativity that is fostered when expensive toys cannot be bought, including Lego and Gundam plastic model kits.

As an adult now and software engineer, I can finally stop irresponsibly playing video games and instead, responsibly spend a small percentage of my earnings buy plastic model kits and make whatever I dream of!

I am currently living in Mercer Island, Washington with my fiancée, Boston Terrier, Netherlands Dwarf and Holland Lop rabbits.

builder, engineer, eternal student

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